The 200AH battery can feed 200 Amps for 1 hour, or 100 Amps for 2 hours, or 10 amp for 20 hours. So it is pretty much crucial to know how to charge a deep cycle battery properly. If you have 400 watts of solar, you will charge twice as fast. I think they just mean the 200Ah battery is cheap compared to 2 x 100Ah from the same company. Recently I bought a 12V 200Ah battery for my solar system with 500W 18v (27A) solar panels. It could take u abt 10 to 12hrs to charge fully. It depends on the charging current of the inverter, most Indian inverter do 13amps for their charging current, if u deplete the ba3, lets say u use 70% worth of juice. Best thing is to get a smart external charger alongside it, so u can charge full in abt 4 to 5hrs. 10% of 200Ah is 20A. The following have proven to be consistent, reliable, safe, and backed by reputable companies: Lithium Batteries for 4WD’s & Caravans – Revolution Power – Why? Which makes sense since 2 x 100ah would have 2 x BMS and 2 x cases. The Best 12V 200ah Battery Options to Choose From. Charging a LiFePO4 battery basically means applying an external voltage to drive current from the anode to the cathode of the battery. A deep cycle battery is, in particular, a hybrid battery. Here We Compare The Best 200Ah Lithium Batteries: – 1. I looked at the price difference 1 x 200ah = 1300 & 10% discount = $1170 2 x 100ah = 2 x 700 & 5% discount = $1330 With a larger battery such as yours we would recommend a marine 12v 10 amp charger such as the NOCO Genius 12v 10 Amp Marine On-Board Battery Charger, or a USA made Dual Pro 12v 10 Amp Sportsman Series On-Board Charger.Our preference would be the USA made charger … A 200Ah lithium battery gives you everything you need to run high current appliances and gadgets on a longer road trip, with all the benefits of weight, size and efficiency.. And How long to charge a deep cycle battery? If you have any questions regarding this product, please call us at 1 (909) 287-7111 or email . BatteryStuff Tech Ideal charging amperage for both the charger and the battery is about 10% of the battery’s Amp/Hr rating. If you correctly stated that your charger is 10Ah, then possibly it is optimised to charge a 10Ah capacity battery, in which case it would produce a charging current of 500mA. Max. current comes from my solar panels in cloudy days is less than 10A, Voltage, current, consumed power & battery capacity are all accurately measured & displayed on the LCD screen in real- time. BUT KNOW THIS: More solar panels are just going to charge your battery faster, or more adequately in low light conditions. Subsequently, question is, how long will a 200ah battery last? It’s different from the car battery and marine battery. It is highly recommended to use a battery balancer to extend the battery service life when multiple batteries are connected in series and/or in parallel. Now that you know that your solar setup (if you have one) is up to the task, let’s dive into which 200AH battery is going to give you the best bang for your buck, based on a few different factors– quality, lifespan, performance and cost. The charger acts like a pump – pumping current upstream, opposite the normal direction of current flow when the battery discharges. Obviously, it is the advance characteristics that separate it from other.Even its manufacturing materials are standard and ahead of others in quality. I find a label on the battery which is notice that the minimum charging current is 10% of the battery capacity.