Step #3: Put a split shot about 1′ up from the hook. The rig in this video will help you catch more fish, plus it’s super simple to tie and cheaper than store-bought rigs. Where a drop shot is a horizontal presentation mostly fished vertically, the Neko rig is a vertical presentation fished horizontally. The Ned rig is something I actually just learned about, and chances are you’ve never heard of it either! Bull Redfish Kayak Fishing With A Barbie Rod. Once you’ve added the hook and soft plastic, you’ll see that the weight can move freely up and down the line. Have you tried the Aftco Saiko Pro fluorocarbon leader? I’m not sure what he called it or what it’s called by others, but double shot sounds pretty descriptive. Required fields are marked *. 2. In this video I'll be unboxing it and show you why I already like it. With a circle hook, its tough to actively fish with them because once you feel a strike we have the natural reaction to set the hook – which results in a missed hookset by pulling the hook out of the fish’s mouth. In December of 2014, these two brothers shocked their clients, friends, and family by quitting their 6-figure jobs to start their dream focused on helping saltwater anglers: 2. But for whatever reason most of my bites came on the lower bait. If you use an angled eye, do you snell the hook, or use some other knot? The Basics — Really we consider this rig probably 4b as it starts as a wacky rig. 7. So, naturally when you’re trying to come up with 48 different ways to rig a worm, you’re going to be splitting hairs at times and you’re going to have to get pretty creative. I sent in a few contributions and thought it would be worth sharing since they were kinda weird. I could throw that all day if the fish out biting. 2 Rig it. Enjoy! So in this video, you’re going to learn how to tie this simple live bait rig that catches a ton of fish. Want access to our best fishing spots and tips, plus discounts to our online tackle store? Many fish, especially marine fish just inhale. Everything you need to start catching fish more consistently (regardless if you fish out of a boat, kayak, or land). Today, you’re going to see the best overall rig for live bait that catches all sorts of inshore fish, from redfish and trout, to snook and flounder, and much more. Most rods used successfully for live baiting have lots of action because of this. This bait became so popular that after it came out, pretty much all rubber worm companies made their own versions of it. Plan, record, and relive all while catching more fish. Circle hooks are much better if you are letting the rod sit and waiting for a strike, this way when a fish grabs the bait and runs, they hook themselves. in Fishing Gear,Tips and Tricks . Know you’re fish, you will know where you need you’re hook / hooks. While working with B.A.S.S., Shaye initiated and spearheaded their GoPro division which brought more video coverage to the fans than had ever been done before in competitive fishing. I like them better because no drop back is needed. Now I’ve only fished this rig one day, and it may have just been the day. This allows you to fish the worm so it falls either head or tail down. But I caught fish on all three so I must have done something right. on the 3rd loop on the swivel, attach a short piece of leader and the pyramid sinker. Here’s what you’ll receive today when you join: Save 30% And Put An End To Your Monthly Charges. The first best carp rig, named after the inventor, the Ronnie rig seems to be 'go to rig' for a lot of carp fishermen and with good reason. So we had Salt Strong Fishing Coach Tony Acevedo put together an awesome video showing you all three. With that said, the most commonly used sizes are four or five inches. Click here to join us in the Insider Club! And you can leave a much longer leader if you’d like. Carpology: A Complete Guide to Hooklinks – go check it out! I am actually working on a cheat sheet for that as we speak and it should be up on the site soon! Here’s how to tie the best overall live bait rig: Step 1: Tie your leader to your main line. The main thing to remember is that there are no right or wrong answers. Sometimes rigged bait will outfish any artificial lure, but it’s important to get the presentation right. But I agree taking the time to tie the rigs yourself is definitely worth it in the long run; and I really love octopus hooks they’ve always been money for me. So it works kind of like a Carolina rig, but it weighs less. Is it better to use an Octopus hook with an angled eye, or a straight eye? I simply tied on a Whacky Jig Head, took two of The 48 worms and put o-rings on them and then put them both on the hook whacky style to form an X. I’ll admit, I don’t know the advantage to this rig, if any at all. The best worm size for a wacky rig is between 4 and 6 inches in length. 1. So there you have it, three weird ways to rig a worm. The Ronnie or Spinner rig. P.S. I only have one of those rigs that are labeled as a redfish rig with a 2oz sinker and heavy wire leader but my 7 year old son bought it for me in a pack of stuff for Father’s day one year so I don’t have the heart to throw it out haha. Stick Worm – Can be fished many different ways but the most common method is weightless. Also, this method makes it possible to achieve the mid-depth zone which can be difficult to reach with a weightless rig or by using the drop shot method. Fish these worms Texas or Carolina Rigged by slowly dragging them along bottom. The Yamamoto Senko or Catch Co. 4 1/4-inch Tickler are ideal for Neko rigs because both ends of these stick worms are fat enough to secure a nail weight. How else do you put out a big bait 150 yards. The one exception is if I plan to pull it around (like trolling). Then use a one way slider as above, to take the bait, mounted according to predudice, to the required area. So I personally am a huge fan of throwing a wacky worm. 1. Normal hair rigs are great at hooking fish, but with soft baits, such as worms, they are less effective as often the bait is lost. One problem that many anglers make is that they spend all sorts of time and money on their rod, reel, or even boat, and don’t worry about the simplest, yet potentially most important part of their setup: how they rig their bait. Will pull over 50lbs and is used to catch big sharks off the beach. I spawned the X rig out of necessity when trying to come up with 48 different rigs. Most worthwhile fish hit livebaits very hard. On beachesI would use a drop rig with a pyramid sinker. Be sure to go with a quality brand of hook, such as Gamakatsu or Owner, because you want a sharp and strong hook that’s able to easily penetrate the fish’s mouth. As for the leader, 2′ of 20 lb. One problem that many anglers make is that they spend all sorts of time and money on their rod, reel, or even boat, and don’t worry about the simplest, yet potentially most important part of their setup: how they rig their bait. Choosing the right weight for a specific Texas-rig application can be simplified by four simple considerations: Rate of fall, depth of the fish, vegetation or cover density and — most importantly — the wind. The Senko Worm is not the hardiest lure. The Best Ned Rig Baits . You’ll give the worm a perfect wobble, which helps you create the best presentation when working the worm towards the bottom. The rig consisted of a pair of small fishing hooks that were tied back to back one a twelve to eighteen inch leader. If you are not using the right bait in conjunction with a good fishing location, then nothing, not even the best fishing rig possible, will ever help you to catch a catfish. Ned Rig baits were the talk of ICAST this year. Shaye Baker started fishing with his dad in Alabama as soon as they could find a life jacket small enough to fit him. Carolina Rigs are Sliding Sinker Rigs created specifically as bass fishing rigs with a weedless hook and a soft plastic worm. I like to tail weight the rig when fishing for suspended bass to give fish a different look as it falls. He furthered his fishing career at Auburn University helping to establish the Auburn University Bass Fishing Club. Your data, your spots. For instance, in clear water, use natural colors and use brightly colored plastic worm rigs in murky water. Using a Senko style worm on a drop shot is also an extremely good way to catch deep water bass. Neko Rig; Drop Shot; Five Styles of Worms. Bait selection is just as important as finding a quality fishing spot. Your data and spots are only accessible by you and private by default. What was really interesting about this rig was that I actually caught more of my fish on the shaky head than I did the dropshot worm. Today, you’re going to see the best overall rig for live bait that catches all sorts of inshore fish, from redfish and trout, to snook and flounder, and much more. Create memories that matter through fishing, Email: fish@saltstrong.comToll-free: (855)888-6494130 W. Central Ave, Winter Haven, FL 33880. By founding UPLOADED, the Online Fishing Series, Shaye established a free tournament series where anglers could film their fish catches and upload their videos to compete against other anglers for prizes. Watch as Tony discovers how awesome an umbrella can be for a kayak sail. Using the Right Crankbait Treble Hooks | Kevin VanDam Breaks It Down. I caught fish using all three. Senko style worms are the most popular type of wacky worms that bass fishermen use but you can use just about any kind of worm. Fish can take the bait without feeling the pressure of the rod, so this is a perfect set up for live bait. Shaye has also had work featured on ESPN and, and I simply tied on a. , took two of The 48 worms and put o-rings on them and then put them both on the hook whacky style to form an X.,,, How to Rig a Worm | 3 Weird Ways to Rig a Worm with Shaye Baker. A couple years ago when MISSLE Baits introduced. They then prefer to eat the catch at night. The free rig is actually a pretty neat little deal to fish around vegetation. This rig is incredible, and it works beautifully with the finesse style of fishing we’re doing. And not only does it work well, but it’s also cheaper than the store-bought rigs! We exist to empower anglers through measurement, learning, and collaboration using both data and technology. It’ll be available on August 19th at There are a variety of “Ned” baits on the market these todays, but in my opinion there are certain baits that stand out from the crowd. After his tenure with some of the best companies in the business, Shaye identified a need for competitive fishing where participation didn’t cost a fortune. You’ll want to leave a little longer leader than normal so that you have enough line to tie your shaky head on. The weight of the split shot depends on how deep you’re fishing — the deeper the water, the heavier the split shot. Lighter sinkers help the rig pass through weeds or grass. If so, could you respond with the link? You can rig the worm a few different ways, you can rig it wacky style or nose hook the bait. Drop Shot Small Stick Worms. Best Ned Rig Baits . Every company introduced a Ned Worm, some introduced entire lines of Ned products. Trace is a matter of choice. The perch family chase and nibble the caudal fin until the quarry is effectively immobile. The weight will suspend on the bottom, and the line will move freely. Sign up for FREE to receive the latest saltwater fishing videos, tutorials, product reviews, and fishing product discounts! These baits come in sizes ranging from three to seven inches. Different fish attack their quarry in different ways. Just go about rigging a dropshot but instead of putting a weight at the end of your tagline, tie on a shaky head and add another worm. Selecting the Best Dead Bait Rigs for Pike. Our responsibility. The drop rig consists of a 3 way swivel. Even for those that have been fishing for a while may have forgotten just how fun bluegill fishing in a pond/lake can be. And after catching every type of inshore fish imaginable with these baits, we’ve found that there are three best ways to rig them. Selecting between these rigging methods involves assessing the conditions to determine the best presentation, but one of these three methods is always going to produce results. This led to this variation on the normal hair rig which incorporates two small discs of foam to cushion the bait on the cast. Deeks always ties a knot directly to the eye, doesn’t matter what type of bait or where the bait is hooked. Even so, knowing some of the best one on the market can help you choose. Setting the hook ensures a good hook set and helps rip the hook out of the bait and into the fish’s mouth. Do what the “SMART ANGLERS” are doing and join the Insider Club. Not only will you learn how to tie it, but you’ll also see how it looks underwater compared to the store-bought rigs — huge difference!! fluorocarbon will catch most inshore fish. Works with big dead baits as well. But truth be told it's the exact opposite of a wacky rig because of how the worm is displayed to the fish. I use a leader with crimp to hook wide gap hook rig up with ragwrom and color beads to just give it bit of flash I would put long leader and single hook with a one r two oz lead to get to the sand bars that hold the likes of Ray, place sole, as the single leader and hook move around I have a lead on with wire spikes to keep the lead on the sand with out it moving around, that’s the way ido it on Irish beaches,,,. All Octopus hooks have that bent (or slanted) eye on them. By the way, I was wondering if you had an article in which you described your inshore setups (rod/reel/line) and what you used them for. Plus, he talks about the best times to use each Gulp shrimp rig. Rigging dead bait to catch pike is one of the more popular methods used to catch these fish. When you’re tying rigs for saltwater fish, simpler is better. I prefer using a circle hook for live bait. Has no effect on hook ups. We hope that anglers find our private fishing platform the perfect tool to elevate their fishing experience. Which one? You can snell the hook or just tie a knot directly to the eye. But you move this horizontally across the bottom rather than vertically. Your email address will not be published. That’ll let you fish the bottom as well as 3 or 4 feet up into the cover if you’d like. I spawned the X rig out of necessity when trying to come up with 48 different rigs. Keep an eye out for our new course, Underwater Bait Forensics, which shows exactly how different live baits act underwater, and how you can maximize your time fishing. We always like to show the bass something different and each of these offerings had a unique feature. The Pike family, grab a livebait in the middle, swim off, turn the bait and then swallow it head first. Would love your thoughts, please comment. The best slider system, is South African. I use this rig a lot when surf fishing. Then, you tie on your preferred hook for whatever soft plastic you plan to rig up. In fact, you’ll go through a few of them. A Carolina rig works with egg sinkers up to 3 or 4 ounces. How To Make A DIY Sail For Your Kayak Or Paddleboard [VIDEO], The Slam Shady Story (Celebrating National Paddletail Day), Aftco Saiko Pro Fluorocarbon Leader [Unboxing & Initial Review], 130 W. Central Ave, Winter Haven, FL, 33880. You simply take a bell sinker and run your line through it. Slide the worm along the bend of the hook until the hook fully protrudes. The key is using a straight tailed worm. Three popular worm rigs include the Texas rig, the Carolina rig, and the Wacky rig. Have any questions about tying live bait rigs? Many fish will attack the head. There are other rigging methods, but these three will cover almost every worming scenario you encounter. They enjoy this finesse style and will always strike it, so if you’re looking for largemouth, consider this technique. Ned Rig. Probably one of the most popular ways to fish a Senko on a drop shot is by using a smaller wacky rigged Senko, 3 or 4 inches. 5. When northern pike just won’t rise for spoons or crankbait using bait fish can be … But I quickly put one in the boat with this little rig and then moved on to another. The common weights used for Texas rigging can range from 1/32 ounce up to 2 ounces. Do any of the answers to the above depend on where you are placing the hook in the bait or on what kind of bait you are using (finger mullet vs pinfish vs shrimp)? Your email address will not be published. We celerated National Paddletail Day by giving away thousands of packs of Slam Shady. I was very guilty of buying those metal rigs a few years ago, but soon realized that the convenience wasn’t worth it. I usually use 6″ mackerel on a 10ft snood. You can also use any type of worm with this rig, but straight tail worms seem to work best. The first step of tying the rig is to slide an egg weight or bullet weight to your line. These 9 offerings looked the best "on the shelf" to us. worm, they decided to put together a video series called 48 Ways to Rig a Worm. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses, making some better in certain scenarios than others. Here they are, listed in order of effectiveness. If any distance is needed, cast an anchoring sinker. Weekly fishing reports and TRENDS revealing exactly where you should fish ever trip, Weekly “spot dissection” videos that walk you through all the best spots in your area, Exclusive fishing tips from the PROS you can’t find anywhere else. The same can be said for bait. Which concerned me in regards to the hookset should a fish try to eat it. While at Auburn, Shaye served as the President of the club and qualified to fish on the traveling team amassing six Top 5 finishes including two 3rd place finishes in consecutive FLW College Fishing National Championships. I have found keeping the bail open will create the most natural presentation. “Treat him as though you love him” Izaac Newton, The Complete Angler 1653. Hey, guys! So how do you know which are actually worth your time? Tie the 3 way swivel from your mainline to your leader. I trolled live pichards,goggle eye etc… for mahi,tuna etc…for years using circle hooks. Casting a live bait will either kill it or at least reduce it’s attractiveness. Thank you, and tight lines! We take privacy seriously. Awesome video! Use an unweighted slider off the beach, weighted if from an higher point or off a boat. It might be worth the experimentation. The Neko Rig. Written by Brett Walker. The most popular worm for a wacky rig is the Senko worm made by Gary Yamamoto. First, push the point of the hook into the nose of the worm. I found a really good article that explains these materials, and what they do. These rigs are the best we’ve ever tried for live and dead baits of all kinds. Step 2: Tie a #1 octopus hook to the end of your leader. And it is quite a mouthful of soft plastic. Primarily used with pop ups, the Ronnie rig presents a buoyant bait just off the lake bed but that's just the start of why it can be so effective. The slow rate of fall is key when fishing stick worms. This has to be the best (and funniest) DIY kayak sail ever made! Factors such as sharpness, hook size, if it has a weed guard, the list goes on. This rig also exposes the flanks of your worms to attack. Sure, you may fool a scent-driven fish, like a catfish, but you’re missing out on game fish such as redfish, trout, and snook. People go out and buy pre-tied rigs from the store that are bulky and flashy, not knowing that these rigs are costing them loads of fish! Tight lines! P.S. Bluegill fishing with bobbers & worms can be a very rewarding and exciting fishing experience; especially for beginner fishermen. While beginning to dabble in the world of outdoor journalism, Shaye continued to fish semi-pro events finishing in the Top 5 in the Bassmaster Opens, FLW Costa Series and BFLs. Best Bait for Catfishing Year after year the Texas rig continues to be the best match for a variety of soft plastic baits including plastic worms, creature and beaver baits, tubes, craws and Senkos.When a soft plastic lure is rigged straight on a hook the Texas rig creates a streamlined and weedless bait that can be presented effectively into the thickest cover to tempt bass into biting. Putting hooks through them taxes on their longevity significantly, hence the O-ring trick. Let’s take a closer look at each one and when you want to use it. The four most popular worm rigs are the Texas Rig, the Carolina Rig, the Wacky Rig, and the Ned Rig. We recommend using an FG knot to connect these two lines (see how to tie the FG knot here), but you can also use a swivel if you have to. If you are actively fishing (rod in hand, constantly paying out line) I would recommend J-hooks so you can set the hook. “Hooking the worm the right way is the hardest part for most people,” Thomas said. With any Texas-rig setup, you need to start with a bullet-shape slip sinker or nose weight placed on the line in front of the knot and hook. Hey everyone. One of the best hooks for wacky rigs is the Gamakatsu finesse wide gap version. Slide the sinker up the line, then tie on the hook (Thomas uses a palomar knot). Tuna are commercially killed with a spike here. How to Rig a Worm: The X Rig. I remember watching Scott Canterbury fish this rig at the Forrest Wood Cup several years ago. I simply tied on a Whacky Jig Head, took two of The 48 worms and put o-rings on them and then put them both on the hook whacky style to form an X. I’ll admit, I don’t know the advantage to this rig, if any at all. Copyright 2018 ANGLR Labs Inc. All Rights Reserved. 3. Check this out to get yours, plus learn how to rig and retrieve them. The best pole rig for fishing with chopped worms December 11, 2014 Bauer Xcel This simple pole rig is perfect for fishing with chopped worm for a number of reasons - it's stable so the bait remains still, it pushes the bait to the bottom quickly to avoid smaller bait-snatching fish, and it is perfect for lifting and lowering the bait to entice a bait. Shaye has had work featured in Bassmaster Magazine, FLW Outdoors Magazine, B.A.S.S.Times and the Japanese bass fishing magazine Basser. No additional weights are needed. If you get bored with the same ole same ole, give one of these a go. Competing with his father in local tournaments, Shaye quickly found a hunger for competitive bass fishing. A big difference in using a circle hook vs. a j-hook is whether or not you are actively fishing the live bait or just placing it in the rod holder. Pre-set your drag stack very carefully. Bluegill Fishing With Bobbers & Worms: Best Bluegill Rig! Do they make 1 oz. Want more tips about how to catch fish with live bait? Im curious as to what some peoples favorite baits to wacky rig are. The bait is attracted to the increased attention, and it’s the best way to catch bass. Gamakatsu Weedless Finesse Wide Gap With Guard. Let me know if you find success with any of them! Here’s how you set it up: 1. This was a great video, but I have a few questions I did not see asked on the You Tube stream. Do not insert the hook behind the eyes. The Carolina rig is very similar to the drop shot rig. A couple years ago when MISSLE Baits introduced The 48 worm, they decided to put together a video series called 48 Ways to Rig a Worm. split shots or were you using an egg sinker? He called these live worm rigs gang hooks and they were (and still are) the best rigs for hooking a live worm that I have ever seen. In the product reviews, I recommended the Strike King Finesse Worm as the best plastic worm for largemouth bass. A quality #1 hook is small enough for sheepshead, yet strong enough for big snook. Coated and semi-stiff braids, fluorocarbon and monofilament are the most commonly used. What was really interesting about this rig was that I actually caught more of my fish on the, I spawned the X rig out of necessity when trying to come up with 48 different rigs. 2. Finding himself at a crossroads, Shaye chose to put down the rod and pick up the pen and camera to focus on his career in outdoor journalism. And there’s no leader, so the weight can come all the way to the nose of the bait, then slide back up the line and let the bait float and wash around at times. Curly Tail Worm/ Ribbon Tail Worm – Great for bass sitting on bottom. Rig a standard drop shot with a swivel and weight at the end. Although pre-tied rigs are convenient, they’re not good for catching fish. Thank you for the great feedback! With that being said, I have compiled a list of baits that I have the most confidence in while fishing a Ned rig.