This hike combined two three trails in the Tillamook State Forest: Elk Mountain Trail, Kings Mountain Trail, and Wilson River Trail. When done relaxing, head back down to begin the 2.5-mile hike back to the Visitor Center. Expect little trail maintenance, tough travel conditions, and beautiful scenery. Of course, I am a 54 year old man, so younger hikers may find it relatively easy. What I didn’t know is that there are 3 trail options from this TH, so if there aren’t a ton of cars in the overflow spots, you’re probably not going to run into a lot of people. While sixteen miles is much too long for most people, those looking for exercise might consider the 5-mile out-and-back hike from the Visitor Center to Browns Mountain. The trail was a bit slick in some areas. The little trail that could. At this point you are not actually on the Park Loop Trail, but on a connector trail that leads to the start of the loop less than two tenths of a mile ahead. Beautiful forest & views (I’m sure even better on a clear day). TurnbackTrail. A steep and demanding trail that takes you up above Tillamook forest, providing spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and opening up to nearby Elk Mountain or other trails. We want the Gateway Trails to be a safe and fun destination for everyone. The hike starts off up a small hill for about .2 mile, levels out for a short distance, and then climbs another tenth of a mile up to the top of the first mountain (13% grade). Furthermore, it does not offer much in the way of scenery—there’s not even a view from the top of Browns Mountain. From Portland, take highway 26 to highway 6. The trail is easy to follow, has good signage, and is well maintained thanks to efforts by the Mazamas Club. Antioch, SC. Image courtesy of Lost Man Maps Kings Mountain lies in the Coast Range of Oregon between Portland and the coast. I thought I was a pretty solid hiker but this is by far the most difficult hike I’ve done . Take a right and continue until you see a cleared area with stacks of wood and a sign identifying the start of the backcountry trails. The King’s Trail has something for everyone Hiking the King’s Trail, Kungsleden, takes you to the far north of Sweden, through scenic mountains and the beauty of the four national parks of World Heritage Site Laponia. It is two miles to where the trail to Browns Mountain splits off from the Park Loop Trail. Kings Mountain. Difficulty: Moderately strenuous. There is a pit toilet at the trailhead, but no running water. Parking fills up quick. The Gateway Trail is open each day from dawn until dusk. It had a gorgeous view at the top! I hiked this over Veteran’s Day. After that there are four hills to climb, each with a small valley in between. Loop Trail: (part of the Rail Trail Loop) The paved Loop Trail is the first right off the rail and runs for approximately 0.3 miles to Cardio, Foote, or Loop Trail entrances where there are views of the quarry. There is a lot of loose gravel on the trail that acts as banana peels, so be careful. Staying on the Crowders Trail will take visitors along the base of Crowders Mountain for an enjoyable and moderate hike through the pine-oak forest. Although it is only 2.5 miles to the top of this 3,226-foot peak, the hike is quite steep in parts and the trail is challenging exercise. The views up top are incredible though so, it was worth it. You'll need some footwear with grip. Typical hill on the Park Loop Trail at Kings Mountain National Military Park. Beginning in a stunning location above the town of Woodside underneath towering redwoods and oak trees, the Kings Mountain Trail enters Huddart Park near Kings Mountain Road. Hiked 10/2/20 morning and it was exactly as reviewed previously. Backside Trail. There is no charge for this. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. When you begin the hike, you will see a gravel path that leads down a hill. The hike to Browns Mountain, and the Park Loop Trail for that matter, is only for exercise. It doesn’t seem to bad on the way down, but you have to hike back up it on the return trip. ← Kings Mountain Gateway Trail is situated in a beautiful natural park setting offering a picnic shelter, restrooms, drinking fountains, and parking. Nice and steep. Like, really steep. Camping. The trail is primarily used for hiking, nature trips, and bird watching and is best used from March until October. Kings Mountain National Military Park has one hiking trail, not counting the paved path around the battlefield. Hood to the coast. The hike is intense for only being 2.5 miles up the mountain. I was ready to celebrate reaching the summit of Browns Mountain when I noticed the trail continued on to what looked like another mountain peak. This is an easy, yet very rewarding hike with a lot of viewpoints on the way up. I took my dogs but I think next time I will not take them since the trail is steep in areas and the gravel is loose. Poles would be helpful. The views at the top extend from Mt. It took me about an hour to get to this point, but I am pretty slow and take a lot of photos. Highly recommend getting there early. Kings Mountain is an often overlooked but incredible hike on a clear day. I probably won’t do it again though. This is an approximately 10 mile hike with significant elevation gain. However, when you head down a hill there are many exposed rocks. Parking does fill fast as everyone says so get there early! Take a right to hike to the summit. End point: Kings Mountain; Trail log: Trail Log; Hike type: Loop Distance: 10.8 miles round trip Elevation gain: 3850 feet High Point: 3,226 feet Difficulty: Difficult Seasons: All year, depending on winter snowfall Family Friendly: No Backpackable: … It's 49 miles west on highway 6 from the 26 junction. The last hill is similar, and at the top you will be at an altitude of around 980 feet, nearly as high up as Browns Mountain. My dog loved this hike, especially running back down! It’s steep, calms down, steep, calms down, and the most steep approaching the summit. The trail surface on the level terrain is relatively free of large rocks and roots that can trip you up. Top Kings Mountain Hiking Trails: See reviews and photos of hiking trails in Kings Mountain, North Carolina on Tripadvisor. The trail from the Sparrow Springs entrance to the top of the mountain is a moderate hike in my opinion and well worth the time. If you're inexperienced, please take your time & arrive early so you're not hiking down in the dark with no light. Plenty of people on the trail but it didn’t feel crowded. All Rights reserved.Designed by, Start the hike from the Visitor Center by walking out the back door and taking a right on the paved. The first part of Kings Mountain Trail will be an easy forest road until you get to a jagged section of the ridgeline. I saw at least four young men jogging on the trail. Circle the lake on a gravel path or view aquatic plants and animals along a narrow creek. The trails are not significant to the Battle of Kings Mountain, and no monuments or other artifacts about the battle are located along the trail. I hiked this trail back in March. A quick hike that can be a little hard but if you’re an experienced hiker, a great hike to do. Crowders Mountain State Park. BRING POLES & GRIPPY HIKING BOOTS. Hiking trails lined with wildflowers and mountain laurel lead along the ridges and to the summits of Crowders Mountain and the Pinnacle. Agree with poster below--a lot of loose rock as you get closer to the summit. Over the years, water rushing down the trail during rain storms has washed away the topsoil, exposing the rocks. Definitely a leg burner. 10/31, arrived just before 9am. Beautiful peaceful hike this morning. This is also the start of a very long downhill section (.6 mile) that has some steep stretches (15% grades). Because of this—and because of the steep terrain in general—I recommend using hiking poles if you have them. The second is .3 mile long and is much easier, with only a 7% grade. Time: 3 hours It was a great hike. The path makes a major switchback at the Kings Mountain-Kings Mountain Junior Trail Junction. The Trail meanders for approximately a ½-mile past a park service road and the East Meadow Picnic Area until it reaches the West Meadow Picnic Area. STEEP! The hike leads through a forest predominantly composed of Douglas fir, noble fir, red alder and a continuous sea of sword ferns. Take a left to continue on to Browns Mountain and the park’s backcountry campsite.  (NOTE:  If you pay attention to the mileage given on the various park signs, you’ll find they give different distances to the same destinations. Signs point out all unexpected turns, plus the path is well marked with blue blazes and / or round hiking emblems nailed to the trees. There is trailhead parking for close to 20 vehicles, but on busy weekends, many people overflow and park along Highway 6. The trail map shows a tie to Jones River Trail which I was planning to take on the return, however, it appeared to follow the view point path over a cliff face and I didn’t attempt to descend. It was a great hike. Killer workout - STEEP, STEEP, STEEP! The trickiest part of the hike is knowing when you are at the summit of Browns Mountain. Finished in 3 hours. © 2020 Copyright Steven L. Markos. It passes through, near the southern end, the Vindelfjällen Nature Reserve, one of the largest protected areas in Europe.In the winter Kungsleden is a ski trail with approximately the same route. There are nice views at top but doesn't compare IMO with views on other trails that are easier to hike like Dog Mtn, Saddle Mtn, Cooper Spur trails. The National Recreation Trail in Kings Mountain State Park is marked by a blue blaze throughout the 16-mile loop trail. There is a bench at the top that alludes to the fact that you could once sit here and enjoy the view, but trees now block any such enjoyment. This area includes approximately 12,000 acres of public land and is home to a variety of wildlife. This is a difficult one way trail in Tillamook State Forest. Some one else I ran into lapped me and was going for round 2 though haha, so not hard for some. Multiple entry and exit points mean you can easily tailor your hike. Summary: This easy to moderately difficult 20-mile loop trail begins in Kings Mountain State Park and circles into Kings Mountain National Military Park, the site of a famous Revolutionary War battle. The battle of Kings Mountain, fought October 7th, 1780, was an important American victory during the Revolutionary War. It is also marked with blue blazes, which are paint splotches on trees that you follow like Hansel and Gretel breadcrumbs. The trail makes a level traverse and passes an old road bed shortcut dropping down steeply to the left. Typical terrain on the level portions of the Park Loop Trail, Rocky surfaces on the hilly sections of the Park Loop Trail. You’ll come to a T-intersection in less than a minute. The result is landscape ranging from dark evergreen forest, to rich deciduous forest, to a windswept plain with stunted oak trees. At the bottom of the hill is a level section that runs along a creek. Gateway Trails. Camping: Call 1-866-345-PARK (7275) or go online at to make your reservations today! The site of a famous Revolutionary War battle, Kings Mountain National Military Park and the adjoining Kings Mountain State Park are popular destinations. I ended up letting him run ahead a few times so I wouldn’t get pulled down. There are five large hills to climb (twice), with at least two being mountains, though using the term mountain to describe them is stretching the meaning of the word. F.A.Q & Safety . The trail continues to the junction of the Rocktop Trail and Crowders Trail. There is a section with a rope to help, which was in good condition in 2019. Kings Mountain National Recreation Trail is a 15.6 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Grover, North Carolina that offers the chance to see wildlife and is rated as difficult. Rail Trail: (part of the Rail Trail Loop) This 0.25 mile flat, gravel trail is straight ahead as you enter from the trailhead and is built on an old rail bed. There is one last hill to climb (.3 mile / 7% grade), and after descending the short distance from the top you will find yourself at the Browns Mountain Trail intersection. I don’t know if the park signs are wrong, or if they are measuring distances from different points that are not made clear, but my GPS confirmed that the hike to the summit of Browns Mountain is 2.5 miles, one way, from the first backcountry trail sign.). Start the hike from the Visitor Center by walking out the back door and taking a right on the paved Battlefield Trail. Kings Mountain National Military Park has one hiking trail, not counting the paved path around the battlefield. Local crowds flock to the park during regularly scheduled special events, especially every November when living history demonstrations are held at the park’s … I certainly wouldn’t want to do the hike just for this, but it’s as good a view as you’ll get on the hike to the top of Browns Mountain. It's a popular summit and has a trail just under 3 miles long to it's summit. Start of the connector to the Park Loop Trail, As mentioned, the Park Loop Trail is just up ahead, and the intersection is marked with a sign. The trail is primarily used for hiking, nature trips, and bird watching and is best used from March until October. Views are amazing at the top! The area is also open to outdoor recreation activities such as camping, hunting, wildlife viewing, hiking and mountain biking. Technically you scale up two mountains, Butter Hill and Storm King, but most people just describe it as Storm King Mountain. The battle was the first major patriot victory to occur after the British invasion of Charleston, SC in May 1780. The Kings trail reminded me right away that it’s ganna be a tough go of it. Hardest trail ever I did, the elevation gain is pretty steep As one might expect from a trail with the word “mountain” in it, this is not a hike over level terrain. Definitely wouldn't recommend for beginners. Cloudy day. I’ve got lots of scrapes and bruises as souvenirs. My legs were jello and there are plenty of slippery spots. Amazing view! Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. A little windy but gorgeous views. The park preserves the site of this important battle. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. One fixed restroom at the trailhead, no water. Kings Mountain Gateway Trail's trailhead is located on a one acre site about ½ of a mile south of Downtown Kings Mountain and is connected to downtown via sidewalks. The Browns Mountain Trail branches off the Park Loop Trail two miles from the start of the hike. Ha! Grades do reach 15% for short stretches on each hill (a grade of 15% is the start of what most people consider strenuous hiking). While there is no view at the summit of Browns Mountain, you do get an open window to the surrounding area on the way up. This one is demanding like most reviews say. Continue on a level section past a 0.63 miles to the summit sign and then steeply up to where the gradient eases again. For more information contact Kings Mountain State Park. Called the Park Loop Trail, it is a 16-mile trail that passes through both the National Military Park and the adjacent State Park. This is not the trail. But I'll definitely do it again when I'm in better shape. It’s a good workout in a really pretty setting. My Timberland's grips are worn down, & I didn't bring poles, & ended up surfing down loose dirt & rocks, haha. Much of the park is heavily wooded and the trail is suitable for hiking and biking. Here’s a clue: the first mountain is not it. To find the Kings Mountain trailhead, drive … To find the Elk Mountain trailhead, drive … This chapter taken from the book 100 Hikes/Travel Guide: Oregon Coast & Coast Range. The Piedmont’s Kings Mountain State Park has miles of forested trails perfect for supreme Kings Mountain hiking, two fishing lakes, and sits adjacent to Kings Mountain National Military Park, one of many national park Revolutionary War sites. For example, the first backcountry trail sign states that it is 3.2 miles to Browns Mountain, while the sign at the start of the loop states the distance is 2.4 miles. The connector trail is at your 11 o’clock position if you are at the trail sign. Other trails are easy promenades through pastoral surroundings. I’m an average hiker, far from an expert and I was verrry tired powering through. Kings Mountain, NC. If it is less that .2 mile between the two signs, something is up. Intersection of the Park Loop Trail and the Browns Mountain Trail. I saw an owl! Battlefield Trail. You’ll see a blue blaze on one of the trees if you look closely (it’s sort of faded). The best time to hike the trail is in the spring, which is when all the lush vegetation is in full bloom. The rapid changes between types of trees are due to the variations in soil, water and light. There is a CCC trail that was also recently built that is 17 miles in … You can also see the parking lot from here (you can get to this point on a path from the parking lot as well). Gastonia, NC. It is in the “backcountry,” so you must register at the Visitor Center information desk before you leave and check in when you return so the Rangers know you made it back safely. One of the most rewarding hikes in Tillamook! Large gravel parking lot at the trailhead but fills quickly in summer months. It's on the north side of the road and marked well. Visiting during a weekday has small crowds but the weekends can be steady to heavy with visitors.