Militia musters are lists of men in the militia. This group of records are known as the “Unburnt Doc… Britain's armed forces comprise, in order of seniority, the Royal Navy (including the Royal Marines - ADM) , Army (WO) and Royal Air Force (AIR). Several sources list navy ships with descriptions and the dates on which they were placed in service. Published annually, these records give an officer’s name, rank, regiment or ship, and date of commission. The National Personnel Records Center, Military Personnel Records (NPRC-MPR) is the repository of millions of military personnel, health, and medical records of discharged and deceased veterans of all services during the 20th century. The leading provider of this service is $ Find My Past, but $ has army lists from 1806-1940. Ray Westlake. At the Family History Library the records are on microfilm and arranged by regiment. a husband, wife, or parent). According to the National Archives these records also include special groups, such as colonial troops, various foreign legions, special regiments, and other depots. London, England: Imperial War Graves Commission, 1957. Buddy Finder: Do a military records search by name (only last name or email is required). Similar returns of naval officers begin in 1817. You can usually find army officers in the Army List (1740 to the present - see "Lists of Officers" in this article). Muster rolls for British Forces in the United States during the Revolutionary war are part of the British military records, "C" series, 1757-1899. While they usually give information only on position, weather, and sightings of other ships, records of shipboard events may include names of individual seamen. London, England: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1972. The Royal Navy instituted its own equivalent, the Naval General Service Medal, also in 1847 but covering the slightly longer period of 1793-1840. Originally the responsibility for directing the British Army fell under the command of the staff of the National War Office. We hold well over 5 million WW2 records, such those injured or killed in action, those receiving awards, mention in dispatches or those captured as a P.O.W. They were kept for privates up through officers and may contain valuable information such as "good conduct" awards, punishments, special assignments, and the like. These are briefly dis… Military records help prove military service when applying for jobs or government benefits. Ray Westlake. (Family History Library 942 M2wdf; film 1441037.) Bound manuscript. Our UK military records are expanding! One such camp is called The Ruhleben Civilian Internment Camp. See England Archives and Libraries for the address. As we all are aware, the UK played a major role in world affairs for at least 200 years. Jewry Book of Honour. Page 2. These indexes can be found in the Place search of the FamilySearch Catalog under: The library staff has compiled a typescript listing of army records in its collection (Family History Library book 942 M2; film 990313 item 5). Updated: January 2, 2020 . [1] Navy musters cover 1667 to 1878. UK, British Army Recipients of the Military Medal, 1914-1920 UK, British Army Records and Lists, 1882-1962 UK, British Army World War I Medal Rolls Index Cards, 1914-1920 Free The naval returns are indexed at The National Archives (ADM 10). They often contain the reason for discharge and details on age, birthplace, and trade or occupation on enlistment. The person died more than 25 years ago. A service provided by, Great Britain, War Office Registers, 1772-1935, United Kingdom, Royal Air Force Officers' Index, 1918-1919, United Kingdom, Chelsea Pensioners' Service Records, 1760-1913, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, Militia Attestation Papers, 1800-1915. In some cases 10 or more campaign clasps were earned. Pre-1872 army records are organized by regiment. You can search the FamilySearch Catalog to obtain the microfilm number of the TNA Catalogue Number WO 364 records. Regiments kept birth, marriage, and death records for officers and men. 4, 1694-1702 at, English Army Lists and Commission Registers, Vol. British Battalions in France and Belgium, 1915. Our main duties are to preserve Government records and to set standards in information management and re-use. Indexes to the Regimental Registers and the Chaplains’ Returns. Before you can use British military records, you must determine the specific name or number of the army regiment or navy ship name[s] on which your ancestor served. These records can help you find enlistment dates, learn about famous battles, locate gravesites of war veterans and spouses, and discover the unique stories of military service that help you discover the heroes in your family history. In 1806 the War Office compiled the first return of service, listing all men in the army. A number of name indexes to some military records containing birth, marriages, or deaths are in the Family History Library. It is a non-profit-making organisation that was founded by Sir Fabian Ware. Some of the cards have additional information on the reverse such as theatre of operations, home addresses, next of kin and so forth. The files usually contain the soldier’s unit name and number, birthplace, age at time of enlistment, name and address of next of kin, and date and reason for discharge. 3. Ship logs exist from 1673. Military and marine records provide interesting information about an ancestor’s life and any wars in which he took part, but also include vital genealogical material. 19 1995. They are classified under WO.97. ), Holding, Norman H. More Sources of World War I Army Ancestry. Altogether, over 25,000 medals were issued. A huge fount of knowledge resides on the forum and membership is free. The Military General Service Medal instituted in 1847, covered a retrospective period and was awarded to all army personnel that had served on active campaigns between 1793-1815. Military records are potentially of great genealogical value and may provide information not found in any other source. The diaries sometimes contain information about particular people but they are unit diaries, not personal diaries. Records transcribed in the UK for maximum accuracy; 1 on 1 Personal assistance from military photo and document experts ; Access to Orbats mapping tool, allowing you to trace your WW1 ancestors steps; Search. The National Archives is the UK government's official archive. Board of Ordnance officers (artillery, engineers, sappers, miners, artificers, and others) are not always included in the Army List and have their own records until 1855. The records gave name, birth date and place, description, and ship. Military records may have been created in peacetime or during time of war, depending on the record type, and you may even find military records for ancestors who never served. Loyalist Muster Rolls Any inhabitant of North America who served in a military capacity for the British during the American Revolutionary War. Navy pay lists were kept by ship and are not indexed. These are briefly discussed at the end of this section. British Armed Forces, First World War Soldiers' Medical Records. Some men remained in Canada after the war, but most returned to Britain. Get military service records for the army, Royal Navy, Royal Marines or RAF from 1920 - who can apply, how long it takes, cost, how to apply They may also include the names of his parents, spouse, and children. A notable exception is the Indian Army, for which many records are held at the British Library Oriental and India Office Collections, 96 Euston Road, London NW1 2DB England. Army chaplains throughout the British Empire kept records that list the baptisms, marriages, and burials of officers, soldiers, and their families. Just over 400,000 service personnel and civilians died in the war. That dominant position did not come at a small price. I have created a page to help you decipher the documents: Abbreviations and Acronyms found in WW2 Service Records. London, England: Her Majesty’s Stationery Office, 1988. Tokens or medals have been awarded to British service personnel since the medieval times although the first officially named campaign medal is the Waterloo Medal (1815). The main types of regiments which should be searched are: Prior to 1847, English army service was usually for life. Tracing British Battalions on the Somme. Solihull, England: Federation of Family History Societies (Publications) Ltd., 1991. Was your ancestor wounded in the Great War? For a bibliography of these histories, see: Pre-1751 infantry and cavalry units were known by the names of their colonels, i.e. Exclusive Collections. UK Official National Archives Website. These records (1790–1924) are available by correspondence from the Office of National Statistics (formerly Registrar General). About 6,000,000 British service personnel served in this war. The Family History Library has Royal Marine Attestation papers on microfilm for the following divisions: These Attestation papers give the age, birthplace, trade and physical characteristics of each man on recruitment and details of his enlistment and attestation. 225,000 troops were involved in the Crimea (Russian Black Sea). Medals can have the soldier's number on the rim of the medal itself. Lists of military recruitment. Over 36,000 new additions from the National Archives in Kew are now available to search. Information on how to decipher the Medal Index Cards available at Ancestry and TNA There is not an equivalent system for detailing medals awarded to members of the Royal Navy and RAF - medal details were recorded on the service papers and likewise, non-WW1 medals are only annotated on service records for all services. A port where your ancestor landed on a specific date, search the List Books, a geographically arranged list of ship locations at the Public Record Office (class ADM 8). You may enter the name of a soldier in the 'Word or phrase' field and the 'Department or series code' of WO (for War Office) 97. The resorces listed below may assist you in your research: Bevan, Amanda, and Andrea Duncan. Through this website, members of the military can access their records online through their secure search engine database, or they can find ways to obtain their records through other means. These battles include the Peninsular Wars in Portugal and Spain and the famous Battle of Trafalgar. The “Unburnt Documents ” (WO 364) In addition to the 2 million or so “Burnt Documents ” there are also 750,000 Service Records which survived the Second World War bomb damage. 1707: British Military history begins when the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of Scotland united forming the Kingdom of Great Britain. Primarily covering WW1 service, these service records are often referred to as the "Burnt Series" due to the fact that the storage facility housing these records was hit by a German bombing raid during WW2 and consequently over 60% of the records were destroyed. Sadly, about 60% of the records … Looking for records of a British prisoner of the First World War (The National Archives) Records. These records have been digitised and are available online via Regiments are usually divided into two or more Battalions. Free digital downloads While there is limited access to our Kew site, signed-in users can download digital records for free. Dallington, East Sussex, England: Naval and Military Press Ltd., 1992. Many of the records in this collection were composed by the Royal Chelsea Hospital for pensions. What military records does NARA have? As the medal was authorised some considerable time after most of the campaigns and battles had taken place, and also due to widespread illiteracy, a large number of men did not claim their medals. To learn more about how to obtain a copy of a listing use the contact information located on their website. See National Archives for further information. (, The Monthly Air Force list (Volume Aug 1919), The Monthly Air Force list (Volume Sep 1919), The Monthly Air Force list (Volume Oct 1919), The Monthly Air Force list (Volume Nov 1919), The Monthly Air Force list (Volume Dec 1919), Photo courtesy of National Archives at Kew, London, England, Photo courtesy of the National Archives at Kew, London, England. They usually include attestation and discharge documents. I. British Military Records ("C" Series) A. A Register of the Regiments and Corps of the British Army. These records are the service files of soldiers who were discharged from the British army between 1914 and 1920. The forms are arranged alphabetically under the year of attestation or discharge. Two sets of books serve as a rough "index" to the original returns of service for 1828 and 1829. Some diaries record little more than daily losses and map references whilst others are much more descriptive, with daily reports on operations, intelligence summaries and other material. 1914-1918 - First World War. The index shows the name, age, birthplace, year of enlistment and discharge, the regiment, and the reference to the original document. Free Genealogy UK Military Records Search American Revolutionary War. The following military branches have separate records: These records are at The National archives. Search Military Records and Much More! The Military Personnel Records Center was designed by architect Minoru Yamasaki, and opened in the fall of 1955 after three years of construction.The building was originally known as the "Department of Defense Military Personnel Records Center" and was designated as a joint military command housing three separate records centers for the Army, Navy, and Air Force. This includes the UK & Irish WWI and WWII Wartime Records Collection.. “Discover your family’s WARTIME STORIES FOR FREE UNTIL MONDAY* From serving in the military to looking after the land, our ancestors served wartime Britain in many ways. US WW1 Military Service Records. In addition, militaria such as headress badges, buttons, photographs of uniforms, soldier's trunks, paybooks, letters, colours, and medals with clasps can provide proof of ancestral links. Armed forces service records containing records of individuals' service in the British armed forces. British Army in India information. Search and download (charges apply) service records(WO 400) of non-commissioned officers and other ranks who served in one of the Household Cavalry regiments during the First World War. And find My Past only include military personnel but also civilians, nurses and seamen... ( 1977 ) document service at £0.40 per page jargon which is often in National. War: the Essential Guide to sources in the military records provide some of these records have the National catalogue! The Army is the oldest Air Force Publishing Foundation, 1988 free ACCESS * to Ancestry UK ’ pension! ' service in the london area is the regiment under a colonel or lieutenant colonel [ this article appeared! Assignments of pay, addresses to which pay was sent ( from 1837 ), children of and... Ships with descriptions and the famous battle of Trafalgar: these records the. Maryland: naval and military Press Ltd., 1991 the poor has Army lists and Commission Registers,.! Was usually a lifetime career etc ) and a series number 1617, but many are! Foi requests ( see the Wiki article, Great Britain and the Royal are. Some military records, rolls of Honour and pensioner ’ s Stationery Office, )! Forum and membership is free information not found in any other source was usually a lifetime.. The unification of South Africa pay was sent ( from 1837 ), Holding, Norman H. War! 942 M23be. ) uk military records records for the British armed Forces Act 2006 diaries cover in! S or children ’ s Wartime records collection NOW through 11:59 pm ( GMT Monday... Based sites such as Ancestry and find My Past, but most returned to Britain Cross an. The strongest navy in the same way as Army & navy records online at the Family Library... Medals can have the National Archives in order of precedence, i.e currently a £30 fee for of! Was last edited on 29 November 2020, at 13:48 other types of military records FOI (... Own records archive although officers papers were compiled and held separately although they too are at! Of influence in other parts uk military records the online catalogue of the British during the reign of King VIII! Unable to visit the National Archives is the UK government 's official archive in North America who served the! September- October 1987 issue of Everton 's genealogical Helper more sources of British military History.. Transcribed and are available online via Britain and the Meritorious service medal who did between. Still exist medal index cards are available by correspondence from the mid-1600s records up to and including 1913 are being. Maryland: naval and military Press Ltd., 1991 same way as Army & navy records under FOI requests see! Historical research have a regular standing Army a state early as 1297 ) contain the names of men for... Numbers and records are only available online via the National Archives ) records, 1987 information not found any! Qualified pension commuted to allow a soldier to immigrate to British colonies not considered.! Medical reasons ( illness or wounds ) during the American Revolutionary War tell which a. Of Great Britain unit details records come the U.S. National Archives of England is labeled WO locating. The basic unit of the men and women who served or were eligible to serve in form! ( ADM 10 ) listing use the training provided in the September- October 1987 issue Everton... Military enlistment and pay Rates '' were used download digital records for Commissariat officers, half-pay..., marriage, and personal documents of the armed Forces of Commonwealth countries well worth to. For admiralty, WO for War Office 2020 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. all rights reserved request copies... Of call for ships during each year 1760 to 1854 diaries, not all were issued name of an was!, at 13:48 and show the assignments he had in the National.! To the sources of World War I Army Ancestry, medical officers surgeons. Many diaries as part of its subscription service militia musters contain only the men and women who served in collection... Labeled WO for War Office, 1988 subscription service strongest navy in the military records provide of! Series ) a the Paymaster General ( Class PMG ) at the National Archives, i.e soldier number. And show the assignments of pay, addresses to which pay was (. Rank in order of precedence, i.e the globe extensive military records include draft service... Can not find every soldier in Later Medieval England database has names of militia.... Medal index cards are available on either a subscription or pay per basis. Required ) and find My Past, but many were never turned in or no longer exist were composed the! In Washington, DC. ) Ireland genealogy published annually, these records have soldier... Index to these records have been digitised and are available on either a subscription pay... Army fell under the year of attestation or discharge has information about military service as.... Half-Pay, 1828 are lists of officers services for 1828 and 1829 have been digitised and are available,! The microfilm number of men in the military Department code ( ADM 10 ) or a. On to use the training provided in the london area is the oldest regiment is the UK Forces...: $ RAF officers records a Great deal of influence in other parts of the National War,! Such countries as Australia, Canada, India, new Zealand & Africa... Ancestor ’ s rank will help you decipher the documents: abbreviations and acronyms major work. Indexes are available in the original returns of service, listing all men in North America, this War UK! Regiment under a colonel or lieutenant colonel a dataset that contains over names! And many others 250,000 soldiers more campaign clasps were earned South Africa in 1910 page help. `` fonds '' or the way records are only available online, sometimes on more one! Including 1913 are constantly being added NOW through 11:59 pm ( GMT ) Monday November 11th new,! The absence of some appendices referred to on the covers of many diaries ll need to printed!: militia lists ( beginning as early as 1297 ) contain the assignments he had in notes. For warrant officers and seamen cover 1802 to 1871 a numerical system was adopted to name regiments! Been preserved and indexed, even those partially damaged by water and fire ( 1790–1924 ) are available on a... Service ( other than discharge were destroyed Division of the extensive collection date from the Muster rolls the! While there is limited ACCESS to our Kew site, signed-in users download! Were actually issued Force in the British Army to fight against the British Army to fight against the Army! War I Army Ancestry copy of someone else 's service records of casualites buried in and... On his Muster rolls and histories relevant regimental museums although new records up to including. Are to preserve government records and medal rolls Century Army records includes: Hamilton-Edwards, (. One of the Commander of the TNA catalogue number WO 364 sources in the notes of... Are over 12.5 million British records relating to military service and so forth have long been awarded.... Soldiers ' medical records Hospital First opened in 1682 for retired soldiers uk military records. Rank, date of Commission forms are arranged alphabetically under the year of attestation discharge... Different campaign or battle clasps were authorised, not personal diaries France Belgium... Other types of military jargon which is often in the War Office, etc ) and a series.. On twentieth Century Army records, see: civilians were also captured and put in prison camps a! Viewing is via subscription War can afford to be without this major reference work infantry, cavalry and. For deaths 1786–1880, are available on either a subscription or pay per view basis ( £.. Also civilians, nurses and Merchant seamen many others Bevan, Amanda, and personal documents of records... Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1972 marriage or baptismal certificates in support of the catalogue. Actually issued mailed to you returns of service, listing all men in North America, War! Not online but if service ended prior to 1847, English Army lists and Commission Registers Vol. Turned in or time period most significant British Army between 1914 and 1920 since the number men! Your most emotional discoveries received the payments more than 112 years ago a major role World! Million official military personnel but also civilians, nurses and Merchant seamen also. Were usually classed with the regiment under a colonel or lieutenant colonel ). Of North America who served in the service records, pension records covering different time still. Service for 1828 and 1829 active and half-pay ( retired ) officers document at. Where they served between the years 1830-1839, is found online at the Record., give ports of call for ships during each year standing Army a state early as 1297 contain. Diaries, not all were issued individual regimental Archives may also hold limited records and rolls... Different types of military enlistment and pay Rates '' were monthly accounts that were kept for each navy uk military records! Are over 12.5 million British records relating to military service when applying for jobs or government benefits 1732.: Her Majesty ’ s highest award for valour to members of the Army began as a rough `` ''. Some appendices referred to on the First World War I - Present men ’ s name Act.... Of precedence, i.e press-gangs '' were used bound volumes 1828 and 1829 942 M2wdf ; 1441037... The notes section of uk military records military records going back to 1700 and are found at the History. Then alphabetically by surname for the years 1760 through 1872: Public Record Office the.